My name is Jong hoon Lee. I am researcher for Alzheimer's disease, COVID-19, NHIS Economics, and Gravity Wave through the String theory.  

Proving the correlation between gravity and electromagnetic forces is the theory of everything. I conducted the experiment on which it was based. And it took about three years to analyze and publish it as a thesis. I am thrilled.

Lee, Jong Hoon. 2022. “Experiment regarding magnetic fields with gravity.” IET Quantum Communication n/a (n/a). https://doi.org/https://doi.org/10.1049/qtc2.12047. https://ietresearch.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1049/qtc2.12047.

Now, the second interpretation of the photoelectric effect and the gravitational effect will be presented. Hope everything goes smoothly. It is expected that the interpretation of the gravitational effect from the perspective of the photoelectric effect will be of great help in understanding quantum mechanics in greater depth.

We must always remember that the Earth is too small for its gravity.

Today in Korea, Song Hae, born in 1927 and hosted the KBS National Singing Contest from 1988 to May 2022, died at the age of 95.

Although he was very healthy, it is said that he was infected with Covid-19 in March and was hospitalized frequently in May. Even two months later, something seemed to be affecting him. Judging from my brief study of the Centurion, 95 is not very old age, and he could have lived another 20 years.

I've been taking Triad for about two months to treat Covid-19, which I got at my elder sister's funeral, but I stopped taking it last week because it seemed to be getting better. But last week, pigmentation occurred on both arms, as shown in the two photos. It is impossible to distinguish between inflammasomes, genetic influences, HLA-13 sensitivity, or dexamethasone withdrawal syndrome. Anyway, last week I was exhausted after a 3km jog and spent a lot of time lying down. Now there are no abnormal symptoms at all.

In my opinion, Covid-19 seems to have put humankind on the brink of extinction. And the effects of various inflammatory bodies of active viral origin will continue, and the elderly will be mostly victimized, and life expectancy will be shortened by ten years. This has also been observed in a small cohort in previous studies.

I am sending this message that we need better medicine to prevent a situation like this.

South Korean officials are now trying to continue importing therapeutics. The country has a lot of money, so they think they can do it. However, I think that if they want to import a good treatment, they have to make something that performs better than the best medicine currently available.

Let's set a benchmark so that they can continue to work and make better medicines. 

But unfortunately, we will be in a lull until a more severe epidemic soon arrives and busy researchers and doctors return to their field of study.

We need to share later that we must prescribe the most effective drugs, whether expensive or cheap, to our patients.I wondered if he could have lived longer if he had been prescribed Triad.

The pandemic started in early 2020. And I am writing only now, on May 14, 2022.

I lost my mother and older sister in the hospital. They suddenly fell ill during treatment and were taken to the hospital, where they could not recover. Doctors who treat them say they treat them according to the textbook. My mother and older sister got worse in a year and went to heaven.

Sorrow belongs to the survivors. I am a doctor and a scientist who has to teach them the cure. Papers are published in major journals.

But the doctors don't apologise. Drug wholesalers and thugs run hospitals, and doctors work only for salaries. So they have no interest in treating patients or developing and researching treatments.

I am determined to teach them medicine and science and cures in a way they can understand to the end.



2020.10.02. I survived from mRNA induced inflammasome reactions. They hurt me of heart-pounding, choking, severe myalgia, and mild dyspnea. I submitted a narrative review article about the treatment method of inflammasome diseases after mRNA vaccination. It will secure the vaccination safety of mRNA vaccines. Keep your health from COVID-19 & mRNA vaccines.

I wrote five-book at this year, 2021, in Seoul. And I published three theses at Journals. 

But what's even more exciting is the fact that on the morning of September 5, 2021, I'm still attending church, and now I'm getting older.

It is now possible to communicate via email with leading vaccine developers and immunologists. And my theory has been accepted and published in major papers. But what's even better is the fact that humanity is gradually recovering from the disease. So this afternoon, I decided to accept those two realities. I feel good.

 I probably had autism-like. Look at my photos, I'm crawling on the ground, and I can't make eye contact with anyone. Behind the picture, my mom watched me so that we couldn't see her well in this picture.

I grew up like that, and now I said goodbye to my mom.

There seems to be some autism-like left even now. I like to study alone, think alone, research independently, and work alone. I don't know by listening to someone's lecture or explanation, but I accept it only when I read and understand it. I listened to someone and tried to follow them, but most of them were wrong.

I am alone and an orphan now. I don't contact the rest of my brothers, sisters, and relatives, except for my first sister, who I need to care for. Like my resurrected Lord, who came to Peter, who had made to stumble three times and returned as a fisherman, my Lord comes to me and lead the way to go.


 1931.12.09. - 2021.01.03.

Mother went to heaven. 

I have received the treatment result of SARS-CoV-2 ARDS from Hunt Regional Hospital at Greenville, Texas. She taught us of the treatment method of SARS-CoV-2 ARDS.

Mother's illness, which started in 2008, is now over in 2021. Mother fought with the disease to the end.

I watched the struggles and strong wills of humans. Mother was my patient. She was the teacher who taught how to save humankind from SARS-CoV-2. 

I now go to hometown with my mother. I miss my mother.


Am watching the drama winter sonata again from episode 18. The couple broke up again while trying to get married. They are said to be half-brothers. After 19 years, it will tell the rest of the story after watching the remaining 19 and 20 episodes. Will there still be a love story like this? Will anyone else watch a drama over 19 years? I thought that both the drama and the man were stupid.

In Korea, there is a drama called Winter Sonata in the winter of 2002. Too incredible actors Ji-Woo Choi and Yong-Jun Bae are starring. It was also a big hit after broadcasting on NHK in Japan. I hope it will air in the United States. If Netflix broadcasts, it will be a big hit on Netflix.

I only watch 17 episodes in the winter of 2020. But, if I watch hard, I will watch all 20 episodes. Winter Sonata is a drama like my past. I'm watching the theatre 18 years later. By the way, I still live my life when I was 32 years old. I'm a medical doctor, a physicist, an engineer, an economist since then, but my mind and brain are still 32 years old.

Literature about dementia syndrome will be published by Karger in early 2020. 

A paper on the theory of graviton will be likely to be published.

We will restore our human nature when restoring our faith in Jesus.

Jesus said that we are more valuable than the universe. 


Gravity turns into electricity.

I established physics theory, formulated math and now experimented and proved it.

But I felt like someone else's work.

I feel happier when I was in the process.

Now, I'm looking for something else to do.

2019. 11.05

I was drunken. 

And apologized and reconciled. I was guilty of drinking so much, but I sought peace. I prayed to the Lord for repentance. I'm still a scarce human.


Studies on dementia therapy and preventive methods have been completed after necessary clinical studies and switched to large-scale clinical studies.

I have witnessed unreasonable treatment. I watched the side effects of medication while taking medication for dementia, which doctors could not cure. The doctors did not mourn the patient's pain and did not apologize to the patient. 

They used national research budgets quickly and were not serious about science, research and care. I also saw healthcare officers hold clinicians responsible for wrong policies because they did not want to be accountable. They have appointed clinicians as heads of dementia policies, drove the budget for dementia research, and reviewed the study results by their apprentices.

I studied dementia treatment and prevention. My heart is tired because there are so many people who do not do their best. But I met good friends and clinicians. I prayed together with the sisters of Sorokdo Cathedral. 

Pray for a World filled with Jesus' justice.  2019.7.10

When I recall what I have lived with, I see what I do today. I prayed to the Lord that being humble in front of Jesus.

- I read De imitatione Christi.

June 16, 2016