Family History

The projenitor of Byuk-jin Lee family is Chong-eon Lee

There is clan gathering on the Byukjin-myun of Seongju-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

After the Manchu war of 1737, ancestral tablet commemorating Chung-suk gong (Chung-suk gong-public confidence ) in the Chungnyeolsa (Chungnyeol Shrine) of Ganghwa-do.

Chung-suk gong (Chung-suk gong (Public confidence)) Park is located in Hagye-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul

Chung-suk gong (Public confidence) Sang-gil Lee, the picture of the deceased - I am a direct descendant.

(Hwa-seo) Hang-ro Lee is Byeok-jin Lee's clan

Hwa-seo school was uncompromising against Japanese imperialism at the end of Chosun and led the movement of guardianship of righteousness - the expulsion of wickedness and the anti-Japanese army raised in the cause of justice.

During the Japanese colonial period, his teaching led the anti-Japanese independence movement, Shanghai Korean temporary government, and Gwangbok (Independence) army in Manchuria.

(Myeon-am) Ik-hyun Choi is a disciple of Hwaseo.

(風頭能不迷 處逆如順境 所養那可誣 常目揭字省)"

Myeon-am sent poetry to Woo-sik Cho (Sung-am) before death for the country against the Japanese imperialists.

"You don't get confused when you met the wind and waves /Even in the face of adversity, you are the same as usual

How to cheat your usual discipline study / The heart was always in the holy heart

(Seong-am) Woo-sik Cho is my mother's grandfather. He is a disciple of Myeonam.

In the late Chosun Dynasty, Woo-sik (Sung-am) left Myoen-am collection and Sung-am's collection (five collection of fourteen poetry books). In his poems, the patriarchal courtesy of Byung-se Cho, Man-sik Cho, Young-hwan Min, Joong-geun Ahn, Byung-chan Lim, and Joon Lee were mainly composed.

My mother, granddaughter, was married to My father, Byuk-jin Lee clan. (Sayul-ri, Deokgwa-myeon, Namwon-gun, Jeollabuk-do, Korea)

On September 13, 1930, the Dong-A newspaper reports the news of the publication of Myeon-am Collections by Seong-am.

Seong-am set up Ogangsa (Ogangsa Shrine) of Oji-ri, Gokseong-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea.

He died while fighting for the independence of Korea from the Japanese Imperialism.

He leaved Seong-Am collection.

-Order of Merit for National Foundation

It was commemorated by the grandchild of Myeon-am.

Father and Mother

Byeok-jin Lee family (Sayul-ri, Deokgwa-myeon, Namwon-gun, Jeollabuk-do) and Okcheon-Cho (Okcheon, old name of Sunchang-gun, Jeonbuk) family (Oji-ri, Gokseong-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea) married as a noble family of similar level.

  • Throughout the four generations of the modern era, my father and mother's family are disciples of Hwa-seo school. The spirit of independence of Hwa-seo, Myeon-am and Seong-am has been taught to my families for generations. My descendants will continue to do their best until my country is the best country in culture, economy, defense and ethics.

  • 晁鮮 Joosun: It is a friend's name. (晁 고을 이름 주 鮮 고울 선)

晁 鮮 (archaic word): A lot of sunshine, fish and sheep (goat)