I'm watching the drama winter sonata again from episode 18. The couple broke up again while trying to get married. They are said to be half-brothers. After 19 years, I'll be able to tell the rest of the story after watching the remaining 19 and 20 episodes. Will there still be a love story like this? Will anyone else like me watch a drama over 19 years? I thought that both the drama and I were stupid.

In Korea, there is a drama called Winter Sonata in the winter of 2002. Too cool actors Ji-Woo Choi and Yong-Jun Bae are starring. It was also a big hit after broadcasting on NHK in Japan. I hope it will air in the United States. If Netflix broadcasts, it will be a big hit in Netflix.

I only watch 17 episodes in the winter of 2020. If I watch hard, I will watch all 20 episodes. Winter Sonata is a drama like my life. I'm so sad. I'm watching the drama 18 years later. By the way, I still live my life when I was 32 years old. I'm a medical doctor, a physicist, an engineer, an economist since then, but my mind and brain are still 32 years old.

A literature about dementia syndrome will be published by Karger in early 2020. A paper on the theory of graviton will be likely to be published.

We will restore our human nature when restoring our faith in Jesus. Jesus said that we are more valuable than the universe.


Gravity turns into electricity.

I established physics theory, formulated math and now experimented and proved it.

But I felt like someone else's work.

I feel happier when I was in the process.

Now, I'm looking for something else to do.

2019. 11.05

I was drunken.

And apologized and reconciled. I was guilty of drinking so much, but I sought peace. I prayed to the Lord for repentance. I'm still a scarce human.


Studies on dementia therapy and preventive methods have been completed after basic clinical studies and switched to large-scale clinical studies.

I has witnessed unreasonable treatment. I watched side effects of medication while taking medication for dementia, which doctors could not cure. The doctors did not mourn the patient's pain and did not apologize to the patient.

They used national research budgets easily and were not serious about science, research and care. I also saw healthcare officers to hold clinicians responsible for wrong policies because they did not want to be responsible. They have appointed clinicians as heads of dementia policies, drove the budget for dementia research, and reviewed the study results by their apprentices .

I studied dementia treatment and prevention. My heart are tired because there are so many people who do not do their best. But I met good friends and clinicians. I prayed together with sisters of Sorokdo Cathedral.

Pray for World filled with Jesus' justice. 2019.7.10

When I recall what I have lived with, I see what I do today. I prayed to the Lord that am humble in front of Jesus.

- I read De imitatione Christi.

June 16, 2016